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Paris Brothers Inc crossdock in kansas city mo



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  • Sharma Sameer
    Sharma Sameer
    2 weeks ago

    Avoid this place it’s super tight no space and tight sharp corners if ur new driver don’t ever try it and to make the matter worst the receptionist lady she’s Rude the only good thing was the unload you faster other than this is a creepy place

  • Bill Jones
    Bill Jones
    a week ago

    Anything that isn't a 1 star review must be fake. Showed up on time for our appointment. Waited 5 hours before being put in a door. Then got rejected because a piece of glass less than 1" x 1" in diameter was in the trailer. Completely clean, dry, no odors, completely food grade. Do not make the mistake of loading here. I hope the people working here get what is coming to them.

  • Robin Johnston
    Robin Johnston
    2 weeks ago

    I'm not a big fan of the caves because it always turns into a driving test of some kind. The last couple of times I've delivered to Paris Bros I've been able to get right in a door and quickly unloaded. Pleasantly surprised.

  • Lucas L
    Lucas L
    a month ago

    The place sucks, super tight, Paris has 6 warehouses, pillar 208 is a start, but if your picking up for MPG Paris it's pillar 304. They told me to come back at 2pm, broker said"12-2pm, like usual brokers do not know much as they think they do and are useless.

  • Trevor Black
    Trevor Black
    a year ago

    Here a physical map of location of “Paris Bros” (Dry delivery) go to pillar 208 the shipping/receive door on your left right next to loading bay 1. The lady’s are nice at the counter. Don’t worry of 13’ 6” clearance there just little more then what’s posted but be mindful of your height and speed. The entrance Of (8800) is One truck only wide and inside it turns into Two lanes. AND TAKE YOUR TIME backing into the bay. Slow and stead is your friend. Loading bays they have “A - G” “1 - 14ish.” Check pictures of doors.

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