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  • muzaffar khamidov
    muzaffar khamidov
    a month ago

    The best professional mechanics!!! Went their shop at 8 am and left 6 pm 👍🏽👍🏽Changed 10 tires, 6 shock absorbers, rear and front wheel alignment and balance , PM service, clearance marker lignts, injector seals all this in same day ! Very fast and high quality 👏🏼 Highly recommended 🤙🏽

  • Christopher Gray
    Christopher Gray
    7 months ago

    Had one of their drivers block the driveway leaving Honda in Greensburg Indiana so he could talk to another driver. I blew my horn to get him to move. He then proceeded to tailgate me to the interstate. Once on the highway, he passed me, flipped me off, cut me off and then hit his brakes. When attempting to contact the company to report the driver, they acted as if the driver could do no wrong and acted confused as to why anyone would call in to report the driver's actions. Horrible company. Beware of their drivers when traveling anywhere.

  • Dale Johnson
    Dale Johnson
    a year ago

    Just had one of their so called “drivers” riding 3 feet off my bumper at 75 mph here in Wilmington Ohio then he comes around me, cuts in front of me almost hitting me and didn’t use a signal at all either time and he was on his phone while doing all of this. Tried to call the company but of course no answer

  • hotairgreg
    2 years ago

    Worst drivers on the road. One just put me onto the shoulder after speeding past me and cutting me off. And when you try to all the company nobody answers and the recording is all in Espanol

  • Laziz Bazarov
    Laziz Bazarov
    2 years ago

    All good


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