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Star Line Trucking Corporation Crossdock in New Berlin WI



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  • Green Light Go
    Green Light Go
    8 months ago

    Why are the trucks merging 12 in front of me? That is way too close! Sure enough, at the same time a rock was thrown and chipped my windshield! I called and politely told the manager what had happened. I was nice as I get it, sometimes things DO happen... HOWEVER ...all the manager/owner could give me was a "hazard of the road" saying? I was like, "Really don't talk about hazards of the road when your truck cut in front of me with less than 16 inches of room! Just that alone was uncalled for. The driver was just trying to pass a vehicle without having to slow down because I was coming up in the fast lane. I told the person that he could have been a stand up person...Well now you're going to have a bad review and any time I see a star line Trucking I'm going to steer clear of it and tell everyone the awful customer service they have at Starline Trucking!

  • Ineed Mickey
    Ineed Mickey
    4 years ago

    Just saw driver texting on his phone while driving...EB 94 Saturday 11/2.....Followed for over a mile.

  • Dakoi Smallwood
    Dakoi Smallwood
    a year ago

    Great people! Jesse is amazing!

  • Phillip O'Haver
    Phillip O'Haver
    a year ago

    Great people to work with!

  • Justin Guillaume
    Justin Guillaume
    2 years ago

    Unit 82 needs to stop driving dangerously.

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