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Taylor Logistics Company crossdock in cincinnati oh



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  • David Post
    David Post
    7 months ago

    I get that people are trying their best, but when you agree to an appt time commit to it. Maybe you don’t care about anyone but you’re self … maybe you’re just ignorant … but most of us try our best to make sure to be here on time. I arrived on time to deliver the goods I was told to bring. When you have employees shaking there heads because they don’t know what to do with the product because of no room… it’s an issue. Absolutely ridiculous not including the other 4 other drivers that were having the same issue of you guys wasting our time! I’m really tired of management that doesn’t know how to do so and tired of brokers and companies that apparently don’t understand what we do. I am also going to put in here you have employees laughing and having a great time when they should be working ! You took the time to post their break times .. take the time to get your staff on the same page… absolutely ridiculous

  • Faysal Hared
    Faysal Hared
    3 months ago

    Stay away from this place cancel they loads Worst place to pick up aload they don’t care about the drivers I am here 5 hours and they didn’t start loading my truck yet

  • Vadim Freydlin
    Vadim Freydlin
    a month ago

    Good customer. 45 minutes unloading, got door before appointment time. Possibility to overnight parking behind corner ( door 20)

  • GURMEET Singh
    GURMEET Singh
    a month ago

    The lady at shipping and receiving was so polite, unloaded in just 10 minutes. I was early 1 day from my appointment.

  • Edward S Blanford Sr
    Edward S Blanford Sr
    3 months ago

    Taylor Logistics is horrible company. They have no issues providing fraudulent information to get business and ruin someone's reputation. They admit they made Fraudulent claims yet will not take responsibility. I would not recommend doing business or working with them ever. How unethical can one business be?

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