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The Bargain Warehouse crossdock in inlet sc



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  • Heather Wise
    Heather Wise
    9 months ago

    Never ever buy from this company! We have been burned by them on three separate occasions, and we will never do business with them again. They advertise loads of pallets as new and or re-sellable returns and it is a bold faced lie. Their customer service is abysmal. They do not stand behind their word and we have lost thousands of dollars by doing business with them after being promised over and over again that we would not be disappointed with the next load. The last load we ordered was supposed to be high quality shelf pulls and customer returns of general merchandise items. What we got was pallets of Christmas, Easter, JCPenney, and literally an entire pallet of just hand soap. Stay far away and choose a different company to order your merchandise from!

  • Judith Perez
    Judith Perez
    2 years ago

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I bought a load from them for $46,900.00, they provided a detailed list of the contents of the load including valuable electronics such as Apple and Samsung products. What I received was completely different than what I paid for. The Bargain Warehouse misrepresented the value and contents of the load. Despite my efforts to contact them and find a solution, they have ignored my calls and emails. I am taking legal action.

  • Thressa Kelley
    Thressa Kelley
    3 years ago

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  • john black
    john black
    2 years ago

    Please do not use this company. I purchased a $50,000 supposedly brand new Warehouse damage truck and received all used returns. I have pictures of what was promised and pictures of what was delivered. 3 months later I still have not received the refund. I've had to file a lawsuit in an attempt to get my money back. Stay far away from this company.

  • El Diamante
    El Diamante
    2 years ago

    DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY I purchased a $46,9000 truck load from this company believing I would received as it was manifested, to my surprise it was no where close in quality or value for what I paid for. Despite efforts to contact them, they have ignored my calls and emails "I've to take legal action in an attempt to get my money back.

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