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Top Express LLC crossdock in north highlands ca



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  • Willy Everlearn
    Willy Everlearn
    a year ago

    Anyone leaving a bad review here definitely has the wrong company, just like Twanna George does(below)....these guys are constantly going above and beyond for their customers and especially their drivers. All of their employees are extremely blessed to be working here. It's a wonderful family owned business that treats EVERYONE like close family. This world would be paradise if all people were following their Christian example. Ten stars isn't enough!!

  • begladwme
    3 years ago

    TOP Express is run by a family that is the most professional, Christian company I have ever had dealings with. They run their company by the morals set forth in the can count on them in every way. They are honest and they are direct and they are polite and they are courteous and trustworthy. Thank you TOP Express for setting your role model so high, that most companies can never ever come close to your high standards. Your company and employees are simply exceptional.

  • Harrison Mill
    Harrison Mill
    a year ago

    Price gougers. Teach your dispatchers rates. EDIT FOR THE OWNER: I do not need you to explain freight to me. Booking spot loads is one thing, price gouging on a spot load is completely different.

  • Twanna George
    Twanna George
    3 years ago

    I ordered two things for my bed to lift us up similar to a hospital bed and I received to watches, SPAM, trying to say you are christian, how can you say that, I want my money back. I am contacting paypal. Shame on you.

  • Sergii Topov
    Sergii Topov
    5 years ago

    I worked at 4 different companies before this one and I worked with about 7 different dispatchers before but I never have worked with such honest, nice people like the people from Top Express.

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