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Unyson Crossdock in St.Louis MO



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  • ericwooz
    5 years ago

    I tried giving this company several chances and wow is it terrible. Horrible customer service, never pick up shipments when they say they will. Two weeks will pass before they say they can't do it. If you like a lot of headaches and wasted time, be my guest and use them. Just a warning to anyone- DO NOT use this unprofessional company!! They don't give a damn about your business. I will laugh every time I hear the name of UNYSON. It is a pathetic company. Surprised they are even in business

  • Craig C. Michael
    Craig C. Michael
    5 years ago

    AWFUL EXPERIENCE! This company was hired to pick up 2 pallets from me. I called at 8:30 in the morning to request a lift gate. I called again at 1:00 pm to confirm. At 2:00 pm another company that Unyson contracted shows up with a truck that has no lift gate and both the driver and the dispatcher tells me that there is no record of this pickup needing a lift gate. I would save yourself some money and hire a company that is not a middle man, who has no idea how to communicate with their subcontractors.

  • Andrew Roby
    Andrew Roby
    7 years ago

    #1 rated logistics company by Logistics Management for a good reason. Offers best-in-class supply chain visibility and analytics to its customers, uses cutting edge technology combined with customer-focused operators for the best customer service and savings possible. Growing fast, also for a good reason! (Full disclosure, I work there. And love it.)

  • Miles Wallis
    Miles Wallis
    6 years ago

    Very poor experience. I needed to do a ltl shipment through amazon and unyson won the bid. On the bol it listed usyson as the carrier ( but unyson does not own a fleet of trucks ) . so it was unclear as to who was to pick up this wrong shipment. The carrier that was contracted by unyson did not show up on the scheduled day. Another carrier ESTES showed up on the scheduled day and picked up the shipment. Now I am being billed $1800 on one pallet because usyson will not pay estes . i agreed to pay $132 through amazon but i would have never agreed to pay $1800. Unyson will not even refund my $132 for a job that was not done. If you need to do an amazon shipment please try to pick a direct carrier and do not go through this 3rd party BS.

  • Renata Pfuner
    Renata Pfuner
    5 years ago

    Don't use this shipping company. Very bad experiance! They picked up my stuff for a shipment to Germany and never got back to me. Trying to get hold of Carlos, he never answers my calls. After 2 months, I still don't know where my items are. Absolutely unprofessional und dangerous. I have my laywer taking care of the situation.

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