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The entrance is on the right side of the warehouse. Office is on the first floor.

We will store your product in a Dry or Freezer storage for the best price in the state, and re-deliver your product. We offer cross-dock service for truck drivers with self-service or warehouse workers’ service and temporary Dry, Cold and Freezer storage, cross dock, cold storage, dry storage

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36 reviews
  • nelly sak
    nelly sak
    3 months ago

    Horrible horrible customer service! The management follows you around the store, you can’t even walk normally and choose what you need. I went to buy chocolates/candies for church in bulk and had to count how many each box had. Because apparently the boxes dont sat the amount. The management literally came out and told me how they can see me on camera opening boxes, trying to accuse me of stealing. Wish I’d never go here. And never will return, I’d rather pay more for product and receive a better customer service. I hope the manager reads this review. Its not pretty to follow customers in store and treat them like they stole your candies! Please gain Management/ Customer Service skills and be polite to your clients. Otherwise its easy to loose business.

  • Nina Sakaly
    Nina Sakaly
    3 months ago

    If I could give this place zero stars - I would. They watch you like a Hawk shopping around. No prices on anything so you don’t know how much anything costs until they give you an invoice. I wouldn’t say this place has that much of a better deal than if you were to get it at any other European store rather than this warehouse. The customer service doesn’t even exist here. It’s absolutely unacceptable, they don’t treat you like a human but rather like an animal. They yell, they talk about you to others right in front of you. They all walk around with angry faces and look for anything to accuse you of doing something. They don’t have any manners. The second me and my cousin pulled up their drive way, there were 5 dudes standing outside and just starring us down. As we were shopping they came up to us numerous times and asked if we are done shopping. I honestly wanted to drop everything, leaving everything behind and leave this place. That was my first and last time coming here. Never again.

  • Mike G.
    Mike G.
    7 months ago

    Great customer service, super polite girls, huge selection of food and cant beat their pricing, even got some freebies, will definitely recommend

  • Vera Kartavykh
    Vera Kartavykh
    a year ago

    If you want to visit hell on earth visit white horizon. No customer service whatsoever. They do not give you correct change. If you ask them why they start to argue with you. They curse you out if you say anything to help them improve. Very rude people. Horrible management. Other customers told me not to even bother talking to the management because they will just tell you to get out.

  • Adika Budey
    Adika Budey
    8 years ago

    Здраствуйте -Я на вашей базе отоваривалась 12-10-15года-Первый раз-За 26 лет в АМЕРИКЕ я первый раз встретила такое ужасное обслуговувание - Во первых нету никаких цен на ВИТРИНЕ ТОВАР БЕРЕШ В СЛЕПУЮ - 2- часа и 27 м-ждали пока орисали-Потом этот парень сказал идите с этой бумажкой в БУГАЛТЕРИЮ уплатите-ПРИШЛИ - ПОПАЛИ-Перед нами была женщина мы возле дверей ждали-ПОТОМ ЭТА СОТРУДНИЦА С УГЛА ЧТО БЕРЕТ ДЕНГИ -ПЛАТУ ВСТАЕТ И КРИЧИТ НА НАС ГРУБО------- УЙДИТЕ-ВЫЙДИТЕ ---------В КОЛИДОР ЧЕГО --------ЧТО НЕ ВИДЕТЕ ЧТО ОНА ЗАНЯТА !!!! ПРАВДА МЫ ВЫШЛИ ПОТОМ К НАМ ПОДОШЛА ТА ХОРОШАЯ ЛЕДИ ЧТО ИНВОЙС ПИСАЛА -ОНА ПОМОГЛА НАМ ЧАИ ВЗЯТЬ-И ПОЗВАЛА ПЛАТИТЬ-ТОВАРА МЫ ВЗЯЛИ ПО ИХ ЦЕНАХ НА 260доларов -И ЭТА НЕ КУЛЬТУРНАЯ КАСИРША Снас ище взяла 3%за обслугование + етой сумы- ПРАВДА ЕТО ВПЕРВЫЕ МЫ ВСТРЕТИЛИ ЗДЕСЬ-!!!!!!! ДАЛИ БУМАЖКУ БЕЗ НАИМЕНОВАНИЯ КОМПАНИЕ БЕЗ № ИНВОЙСА БЕЗ СУММЫ УПЛАТЫ !!!!!!!!!ОБЩЕЙ!!! ПОСЛЕ ЭТОЙ ШОПИНГА МЫ С ВНУЧКОЙ ЗАБОЛЕЛИ -ПРОСТЫЛИ-НО ЦЕНЫ ХОРОШЫЕ ПОЧТИ КАК И В МАГАЗИНЕ РОМАНС +У НИХ _ 10% ОТ ПОКУПКИ СНИМАЮТ- Hello, we went shopping at your Russian store, on December 10 of this year. In all of my 26 years in the US I had not once had a dilemma like this one. First of all there are no prices and if you ask they won't tell you and so when you go to pay you end up paying over 200 dollars. And after we got what we wanted and we put them into the cart and then we had to wait for more then 2 hours until he wrote down what we bought and told us to go upstairs to get our invoice and pay for what we planned on buying. And when I got upstairs we came into the room that we were told to go into and the lady in the far corner that takes the money not the one that types the invoice but the one that takes the money, she spoke very rudely and yelled at us and told us to get out she was very rude and I should've just ditched it all and left the food and everything with the way she acted and spoke. In all of my 26 years in the US not once was I treated this badly at a store and not once have I seen an employee being rude to another customer the way that lady was rude to me. So we left the room and waited outside until the kind lady that writes the invoices came out and told us to come in, she even helped me pick out some tea. And as soon as I came inside I gave her the paper that the guy gave me and she started typing up the invoice and as soon as she typed it all up, she then sent me to the rude lady who took my payment but also charged me 3% because of her helpfulness and let me tell you this rude lady was so rude that she didn't even deserve that 3%. When you go to any Russian store they are kind and they even give you discounts if you pay 30 dollars or more, but here I paid a lot and was yelled at for no apparent reason. On the invoice there isn't the invoice number and there is no total written down on it. And at the end of all of this I caught a cold because of how cold it was there.


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