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Yourway Transport Inc Crossdock in Allentown PA



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  • lisa howard
    lisa howard
    6 months ago

    Sat in the dock an hour . Not happy with the dock they put us in!

  • adolfo delgado
    adolfo delgado
    6 months ago

    No in off money to drive and driver have to paid for the diesel, I ended with a 6000 thousand in my credit card in diesel and I was not making that money as a salary to paid back, you make 20 times more money working in a Warehouse than working for them

  • Jim Betti
    Jim Betti
    3 years ago

    Absolutely unreliable...called the night before to reserve a pick up...15 mins after my appointment I called and they said driver is on his way...half hour after my reservation time I called again and was told, again, on his way...that they had 5 pick ups scheduled for the same time, but didn't have enough drivers . Really ? Why would you do that ??.. needless to say I missed my flight...and when I needed a ride later that night, I used Uber! That was less expensive and the driver was 5 minutes early.... never never again will I even consider this fly by night outfit...worse service I ever experienced...

  • Jazzy Baby0720
    Jazzy Baby0720
    2 months ago

    Fast delivery once we found the shipping side

  • Mark Cohen
    Mark Cohen
    7 years ago

    I was almost able to just borrow the bad review below...same EXACT problem today. I even called myself twice yesterday to confirm and offerred my cell in case of issue. Friendly on the phone and scheduling transport. Was promised pickup at 4am to airport. NO SHOW!!! I called and person said he would call me back in 10 minutes. Well, what would I do, cancel at this point and potentially wait another 20 minutes for someone else? WILL not use this company or recommend to anyone else! Update...A Cab FINALLY showed at 4:10 but was not for me. Lucklily the other patron didn't mind sharing. Once in cab... dispatch tells the driver to inform us that we each have to pay the fare...since my cab was just "late". It was going to be late by 25 minutes.... I had to say OK...but I am leaving this review. Driver tried to charge me $91...when I asked what surcharge he used, because a google estimate was $51...he said his dispatcher told him to double it. I informed the driver that I was going to call the taxi authority and he immedialty changed the fare to $51. BEWARE!!! Was that even legal?

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